Kitmon and Vulpinimon
Kitmon and Vulpinimon
Digivolves From [[Kitmon digivolves from Digi-egg

Vulpinimon digivolves from Kitmon]]

Digivolves To [[Kitmon digivolves into Vulpinimon

Vulpinimon digivolves into Vulpmon]]

Type Holy Beast
Attribute Vaccine
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Attack One Bubble attack (Kitmon)

Flare Bite (Vulpinimon)

Attack Two Bubble Blow (Kitmon)

Fire Bubble (Vulpinimon)

Attack Three (Mega only) Holy Staff
Level Baby (Kitmon)

In-Training (Vulpinimon)

Family Nature Spirits
Digidestined Adean Gentry

Kitmon and Vulpinimon

Kitmon and Vulpinimon

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