Adean Gentry

Adean Gentry

Full Name: Adrienne Gentry Adean Gentry
Nickname(s): Adean Gentry
Partner: Vulpmon
Gender: Female
Age: {{{Age}}}
Family: Rissa Gentry (Older Sister) Karen Gentry(Mom) David Gentry(Dad)
Interests: Art,Books,Video Games,Movies,Cartoons,

Computer, Traveling

Dislikes: Losing,Evil Digimon, Scary shows, Getting into trouble
Crest: Friendship
Group: Team Purple
Personality: Adean is often very sweet and kind although she can be somewhat selfish

and sometimes too excited to be patient.Adean is also very helping and rather help others instead of thinking of her shelf.

Personal History: Adean was born in Loisville Kentuckey and lived in a small house when she was

little. She moved to J-town Kentuckey in a bigger house. Her mother is a Highschool art teacher and her Dad worksat night shifts. Adean works half a day at her job and leaves at noon. She first meet up with Vulpmon when she came out of her laptop as a Digi-egg and hatched into a baby stage digimon Kitmon and later on digivolved into Vulpinimon they became best friends and went everywhere together.


Adean is a grown lady with short brown hair and she mainly wears a yellow T-shirt  and  black pants, her eyes are blue and she keeps her tag and crest around her neck for safe keeping in case she needs her digimon to digivolve to ultimate and will wear different cloths depending on where she is.


Adean Grew up in a neighborhood in a house in front of a small farm which used to have cows when she was tiny, she never had a thought of what she wanted to do when she grew up, but is now satisfid with the job she is working at now and rather go on adventures then sit down and work in a office or in a classroom at a college what she is not doing in her life now. She loves video games and will sometimes settle down with a good book and read to hershelf. She loves fantisy stories and will sometimes draw when she wants to at amount of extra time to spare. She loves to go on family vacation mostly, Walt Disney World and really loves riding in the car on the way there. She is into a few Sci-fi movies such as Star Wars and Star Treck and will go for disney movies sometimes. She is a big time animal lover and will do anything to be around them inclouding Animal digimon. 

Digivice and Crest:

Adean's Digivice transformed from her old E-reader  when swiping an old digimon card given to her by a kid long ago. Her Gameboy Advance transformed into a tag and crest which contained the crest of friendship. Vulpmon came to her from a Digi-egg out of her laptop. Vulpmon was willing to be with Adean and have fun and do stuff together and go places with her friends, although her friends wher surprised to see her with a real live digimon. Her mom and dad easly found out about Vulpmon and invited Vulpmon to stay with them.    

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