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    Wiki Theme

    January 13, 2011 by Snow-ish

    Hello. I'm the new admin of Digifanon. I asked to become admin a while ago and I just found out a while ago they had accepted my request since no other admins would edit regular pages in the past 60 days. I'm thinking about a new theme for the wiki other than the default. Any ideas? Should I make a new theme or do you like this one? If a new one, what colors?

    Possible Options To Vote For

    Greymon - Red, Blue, Orange, Brown

    Hawkmon - Maroon, Yellow, White

    Palmon - Green, Pink, Purple

    Veemon - Blue, Red, Yellow, White

    Biyomon - Orange, Pink, Blue (In Use)

    Calumon - Purple, Red, Black, White

    You can suggest some schemes to vote for

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