Template:Digimon Infobox Tzitzimon is a virus Digimon in the Ultimate stage.


Tzitzimon has the appearance of a skeleton. His head is slightly elongated and has a pair of horns on top, as well as fangs and a forked tongue. His eye sockets have a glowing red lights in them. He is heavily armoured and has skull and crossbone symbols on its pauldrons. Portruding from its back are six snakes which are capable of lashing out and attacking anything that gets in their way. Tzitzimon dreams of ruling the Digitalworld with his army of Najamon and destroying all who oppose him. He is incredibly cruel and sadistic, he enjoys killing anything weaker than him, even his subordinates if they fail him.

Role in the AnimeEdit

In Digimon: New Journey he is the fourth main villain of the series. He begins by building up an army before unleashing it and managing to conquer several areas of the Digitalworld. However his plans are interrupted by the Digi-destined who managed to destroy his lieutenants before moving on to attack Tzitzimon. He uses his vast powers to easily defeat the Digi-destined, save one, Steve Rieck and his partner Onimon. Before he could defeat them, Onimon digivolved to Kanabomon and fought Tzitzimon. Tzitzimon had the upper hand until the other Digi-destined poured their energy into Kanabomon, who defeated Tzitzimon and leaving him as a pile of sludge. He attempted to reform, but he was completely destroyed by a blast of energy from Kanabomon.


  • Cobra Crush: Fires laser blasts from the mouths of the snakes from his back.
  • Eclipse: Sucks up all of the light in a kilometre radius and creates negative energy, this causes his power to increase.

name originEdit

Tzitzimime, being a race of Aztec demons who would devour people whenever an eclipse came about