Digivolves From Apprenticemon
Digivolves To N/A
Type Mythical Animal Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Attack One Birdy Blaster
Attack Two Boomerang Blade
Attack Three (Mega only)
Level Armour/Champion
Family Wind Guardians
Digidestined Jenny Marsh

Stymphalimon in a Mythical Animal Digimon in the Armour Stage and the Digimon partner of Jenny Marsh, an Australian Digidestined.


Stymphalimon is mosly covered in blue and gold armour and wears a bronze helmet on his head, resembling those worn by the Ancient Greeks. He has a long trailing, blue tail, sharp talons for hands and boots that end in claws. On his back rests two silvery metallic wings and he wiels a strong, slightly curved blade that is capable of being thrown and returning to Stymphalimon. The symbol of the Crest of Purity resides on his torso plate. He loves to fly and spends many hours soaring through the skies of the Digital World. However, he is also vicious in combat, and will not hesitate to fight opponents if he believes that they are evil.

Digidestined PartnerEdit

Jenny Marsh: A seventeen year old Australian girl.


  • Birdy Blaster: Charges up a beam of light from his hands, before throwing it at an enemy. Devastating against Virus Digimon.
  • Boomerang Blade: Throws his sword at an opponent, catching it as it returns. This can also be used to create powerful winds.
  • Metal Storm: Fires metal arrows from his wings.

Digivolves fromEdit

  • Apprenticemon
  • Biyomon
  • Hawkmon
  • Wormmon
  • Patamon
  • Akatorimon
  • Penguinmon
  • Falcomon

Name originEdit

From the Stymphalian Birds, creatures from Greek mythology with bronze beaks and steel feathers.

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