Digivolves From ArchAngemon
Digivolves To N/A
Type Archangel Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Attack One Holy Wind
Attack Two Spears of Light
Attack Three (Mega only) Purgatory
Level Mega
Family *Wind Guardians
  • Virus Busters

Raphaemon is an Archangel Digimon of the Vaccine Attribute and Mega level. He is a highly powerful Digimon that is capable of vanquishing even powerful Virus Digimon.


Raphaemon has eight long and powerful wings that shine with a golden light. As with ArchAngemon, he wields the mighty sword Durendal, capable of cleaving Virus Digimon in half. He is clad from head to toe in shining silver armour that glistens in the light and bearing an enlarged right pauldron. On his left arm he wields a beam shield that is capable of deflecting many powerful blasts. He bears the Crest of Purity on his plackart. He is a holy Digimon who lives only to serve his master and to protect the righteous. He resides in one of the corners of the Digital World, commanding vast legions of ArchAngemon. He has zero tolerance for any evil Digimon and will delete them on sight.


  • Holy Wind: Conjures up a holy wind which is capable of deleting evil Digimon, while leaving the good unharmed.
  • Spears of Light: Creates seven orbs of light which form into spears and impaloe the opponent, has no effect on good Digimon.
  • Purgatory: Creates a portal to suck in all evil Digimon.
  • Durendal: Attacks with the mighty sword Durendal, cleaving his opponent in two.

Digivolves fromEdit


Raphaemon wields the powerful sword Durendal, a blade powerful enough to destroy all but the most powerful of Virus Digimon. It is incapable of harming the good and the righteous, but is devastating against those with evil in their hearts.

Name originEdit

From Rahpael, one of the four Archangels.

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