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Raizemon is a "Soul Reaver of the White Kaladins" and the lone wolf with an anger issue.

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Blonde Light


A Jackel-like helmet with a sapphire embedded on the forehead of the helmet. silver black eyes and comlink eyes


Black, red and silver torso plate, blackish reddish silver shoulder pads and short, ripped cape.


Blackish reddish silver arm plates, the gauntlets are glowing green and purple.


Torned egyptian jean shorts (same as Anubis)

Special AttacksEdit

  • Necro Barrage - Sends a volley of reaper's death wish of lightning out of the ground to paralyze or stun.
  • Astral Prison - Changes and imprisons the astral projections at will until both astral forms outlive their usefulness.

Other FormsEdit

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