Level Rookie
Type Insectoid
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits

Maggotmon is an Insectoid Digimon in the Rookie stage.


Maggotmon resembles a human child with green skin, small black eyes, a vertical mouth, antenna, claws, wings and a head full of writhing grubs in the style of dreadlocks. It lives in villages in the deserts of the Digital World and are lead by Kheprimon. They are very brave, often to the point of foolishness and are quick to prove so, even if outnumbered. Like Scarabmon they defend those weaker than themselves and despise Virus types.

Digidestined partnerEdit

James Blake: A fourteen year old Australian boy.


  • Wriggling Worms: Commands the grubs on his head to attack his opponent. The grubs can stretch out and act as whips.
  • Bug Blaster: Fires a laser beam from his eyes.

Digivolves fromEdit

  • Minomon
  • Grubmon
  • Motimon
  • Budmon
  • Missimon
  • Kapurimon

Digivolves toEdit

  • Scarabmon
  • Kuwagamon
  • Flymon
  • Waspmon
  • Stingmon
  • Meremon

Name originEdit

From Maggot.