Lucemon is savior turned tyrant. 

Lucemon t

Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Kumiko Nishihara (Rookie, Larva) Ryūsei Nakao (Falldown Mode, Satan Mode)

(En:) Mona Marshall (Rookie, Chaos Mode, Shadowlord Mode, Larva)

UltimateLucemon Chaos Mode
MegaLucemon Shadowlord Mode

Personality Edit

Though seemingly innocent and child-like, Lucemon is cruel and devoted to his own goals above all else. He believes that the entire Digital World exists for him to lord over, and anything to the contrary can be annihilated. He is not above backstabbing his own allies, and he uses his position of power to play mind games with his subordinates. 

Description Edit

Lucemon was a messiah who once brought peace to a world torn apart by the war between Human and Beast types. His power corrupted him, however, and turned into a tyrant due to his beliefs that the world would be a better place if he had absolute power and made all the decisions. 

Lucemon Chaos Mode Edit

Lucemon Chaos Mode t

Lucemon Chaos Mode is Lucemon's Ultimate form.

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode Edit

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode is the Mega form of Lucemon. 

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode t

Lucemon Larva Edit

Lucemon Larva is the true form of Lucemon. 
Lucemon Larva t

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