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Digivolves From Komodomon, Aldamon, Triceramon, RiseGreymon
Digivolves To N/A
Type Cyborg Dragon
Attribute Data
Height 4682.0 lbs
Weight 35'7 1/9"
Attack One Chaos Jolt
Attack Two Acid Rain
Attack Three (Mega only) Phantom Spear
Level Mega
Family Metal Empire
Digidestined Riku Hirokawa

Lizardramon is a Chaos Digivolution for Komodomon. In Digimon Heroes, Komodomon Digivolves into this form when his anger (because of all the evil in the Digital World AND in the Real World) and sadness (for the deaths of Centarumon [Komodomon's fatherly figure] and Pharaohmon [wise King of the Desert], at the hands of Kurata, the evil Digimon-hating scientist from a different dimension). Lizardramon managed to not only destroy all of Kurata's Gizumon, but also went on a huge rampage. Kurata was arrested by DATS (a police force that defends all dimensions of the Digital World, and Earth, from evil), but Lizardramon couldn't calm down. He even hurt some of his friends and allies, and Takuya and Kouji had to become EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to reason with Lizardramon, but they had to fight the much larger cyborg dragon Digimon in order to do so.

Lizardramon was eventually defeated, and degenerated back to Komodomon, and his human Partner, Riku Hirokawa, knew that Lizardramon was NOT Komodomon's true Mega. Komodomon felt weakened by what he did as Lizardramon, and sat out of most of the fights until he felt stronger again. This was when he was able to become the first mode (Serpent Mode) of his true Mega, GigaKomodomon.