The following is a list of episodes from the anime series Digimon Frontier 02.


Ep# English title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
air date
air date
01 "Return Ticket to Home"
"The Legend Begins Again! Return to the Digital World!"
"Densetsu ga Futatabi Hajimaru! Dejitaruwārudo ni Modoru!" (伝説が再び始まる!デジタルワールドに戻る!)
07-10-2016 04-30-2017
One year since Lucemon's second defeat, the Legendary Warriors; Takuya Kanbara, Koji Minamoto, Zoe Orimoto, Tommy Himi, J.P. Shibayama, and Koichi Kimura are called back to the Digital World after several years of peace by Ophanimon, where the world is colliding to war. After a close call with a herd of Tuskmon, they reach a shrine of the Ten Legendary Warriors and receive their spirits again when their leader digivolves to Triceramon. Evolving to Agunimon, Lobomon, Kazemon, Kumamon, Beetlemon and Loweemon, they defeat him with ease and send the herd running. Meanwhile, Bokomon and Neemon greet another human who arrives at the Flame Terminal.
02 "That's the Spirits"
"With the Will! Executing Spirit Evolutions!"
"Ishi! Supirittoeboryūshon no Jikkō!" (意志!スピリットエボリューションの実行!)
07-17-2016 04-30-2017
Having retrieved their spirits back and digivolved again, the group decide to do a little training to get back into practice while waiting for a Trailmon to Ophanimon's castle. Their training is cut short when a group of Betamon and Gizamon creating various problems. Meanwhile, fractal code is being disrupted on the Yellow Moon by a mysterious group of Digimon.
03 "Hark the Herald"
"The Angel Awakens! The Secret of the Celestial Digimon!"
"Enjeru Mezameru! Ten no Dejimon no Himitsu!" (エンジェル目覚める!天のデジモンの秘密!)
07-24-2016 05-06-2017
A creature emerges from the Yellow Moon, but has yet to take a shape, while the three Digimon who released it set off for the Red Moon. The Warriors are reunited with Bokomon and Neemon, and hear of another human in the Digital World, but they lost sight of her when she abruptly boarded another Trailmon without them. Meanwhile, the same girl arrives at Cherubimon's castle where she finds something that was kept hidden for good reason.
04 "The Runaway Trailmon"
"Watch Out! Trailmon in Trouble!"
"Ki o Tsukete! Toraburu de Toreirumon!" (気を付けて!トラブルでトレイルモン!)
07-31-2016 05-06-2017
Another creature is released from the Red Moon, and Digimon set a course for the Blue Moon. Meanwhile, on the Yellow Moon, the Digimon freed from it sends a Thundermon on the same Trailmon that the Warriors board to Ophanimon's Castle. The damage the mon creates malfunctions the Trailmon's controls, and is now unable to brake or decelerate as it gains speed. Ripping through the world, the Warriors try all they can to stop it before it reaches the end of the line with them on it.
05 "Attack on Titans"
"The Evils Inside! Ofanimon: Falldown Mode!"
"Aku Insaido! Ofanimon: Fōrudaunmōdo!" (悪インサイド! オファニモン:フォールダウンモード!)
08-07-2016 05-13-2017
The creature on the Red Moon speaks telepathically with the Yellow Moon creature, aware of the strengths of the Warriors at this point, makes his own move; the Warriors reach Ophanimon's castle, but come under attack by Ophanimon's Falldown Mode, as she rampages in berserk to take back the Legendary Spirits and a fight-and-chase ensures. While, at last the group of Digimon revealed as Gankoomon, Jesmon, and their leader, Craniamon, the remaining Royal Knights, free the last creature from the Blue Moon. With none of the creature able to take a physical shape, the Knights are sent to the Digital World for the Spirits.
06 "A Knight to Remember"
"Traitors of Chivalry! The Return of the Exiled Knights!"
"Kishi-dō no Uragirimono! Bōmei Kishi no Ritān!" (騎士道の裏切り者!亡命騎士のリターン!)
08-14-2016 05-13-2017
With Ophanimon returned to her Champion form, Gatomon, the Celestial Digimon are under peril again, when the Royal Knights attack the castle. Craniamon enters and demands the Legendary Spirits, which the Warriors refuse to hand over. Fusion Evolving into Aldamon and BeoWolfmon, Takuya and Koji attempt to take him out, but are no match for his unstoppable weapons and he steals their Beast Spirits. When Zoe, Tommy, J.P. and Koichi attempt to Beast Spirit Evolve, Gankoomon steps in to finish them, and stealing all their Beast Spirits too. However, Koichi attempts to stop it from happening by Slide Digivolving to JagerLoweemon at the same moment, however the two opposing forces creates an explosion of Darkness energy. The Royal Knights escape the fight, and so does a jagged shadow on the floor.
07 "Just a Jesmon"
"Ancient History! The King of Warriors and Beasts!"
"Kodai-shi! Senshi to Hyakujū no ō!" (古代史!戦士と百獣の王!)
08-21-2016 05-20-2017
With all but Koichi having lost their Beast Spirits, Angemon, Gatomon and Turuiemon tell the history of the Royal Knights, hoping to help deduce their new allegiances, but with no success. However, Jesmon creates trouble to draw, the Warriors out. Without their Beast Spirits, Jesmon easily takes them apart. Koichi attempts to take him, but finds himself a lot weaker even as JagerLoweemon. Jesmon easily defeats them, but a surprise attack from Kumamon and Beetlemon knock him off his guard leading to Gankoomon to intervene and take J.P.'s Warrior Spirit, before ordering Jesmon to leave.
08 "Gone with the Wind"
"Going Nowhere! Trapped on the Ruined Rail!"
"Dokoni mo Ikanai! Dainashi Rēru-jō ni Hosoku sa Reta!" (どこにも行かない!台無しレール上に捕捉された!)
08-28-2016 05-20-2017
The Royal Knights are sent to gather specific fractal codes for the creatures. With no option left, and one less Spirit, the Celestial Digimon decide to send the Warriors to Cherubimon's Castle, after the seventh child before the Royal Knights learn of her existence in the Digital World, and to also protect "the last power", but disclose what it is. While riding on Trailmon, Fractal Code begins disappearing around them, and soon are stranded when the rail and ground around them is gone. Zoe attempts to fly them across, but only manages to fly Koji, Koichi, Bokomon and Neemon before Takuya, J.P. and Tommy disappear with Trailmon as the rail vanishes. Jesmon returns to take the spirits, and manages to take Zoe's Warrior Spirit, and retreats, leaving them stranded.
09 "Through the Dark Terminal"
"Divide to Conquer! The Underground Labyrinth Terror!"
"Seifuku Suru Tame ni Bunkatsu Shimasu! Chika Meikyū Kyōfu!" (征服するために分割します!地下迷宮恐怖!)
09-04-2016 05-27-2017
Deep beneath the surface, Takuya, J.P. and Tommy land on Trailmon that fell conveniently on an unknown set of rails. Zoe, Koji and Koichi travel on, but soon also fall under the surface into the Underground rail. Gankoomon awaits them in the underground, and separates them through the use of his ulforce projection, Hinukamuy. Despite their best efforts, Gankoomon manages to corner Tommy and takes his Warrior Spirit before the other warriors could help him. Travelling down the line, they reach the Dark Terminal, with a route back up to the surface.
10 "The Beasts Unleashed"
"Allies Turned Enemy! Vritramon and Garmmon's Rampage!"
"Rengō-gun wa Teki o Mawashita! Vritramon to Garmmon no Dai Abare!" (連合軍は敵を回した!ヴリトラモンとガルムモンの大暴れ!)
09-11-2016 05-27-2017
With three of the six warriors spiritless, the creature from the Yellow Moon is given the spirits collected so far, but decides to try out an infusion with two of the spirits, giving the rest to the Blue Moon creature. The warriors reach the outskirts of the Continent of Darkness, but come under fire from BurningGreymon and KendoGarurumon. Takuya and Koji spirit evolve to Agunimon and Lobomon to counter, but aren't strong enough to take out the Beast Spirits. With encouragement, and swapping their opponents, they eventually overcome them, but when they digitize the spirits, their own Warriors spirits are taken, and the two spirits merge into two ancient figures.
11 "Refuse to Fuse"
"Awakened Spirits Again! AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon!"
"Futatabi Mezame Supirittsu! AncientGreymon to AncientGarurumon!" (再び目覚めスピリッツ! エンシェントグレイモンとエンシェントガルルモン!)
09-18-2016 06-03-2017
The two spirits of Flame and Light reform into AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon, and both decide to resolve the fight themselves, without the aid of Takuya or Koji. Despite their protests, the two digimon reveal that they survived the war, while their comrades died fighting Lucemon, and so they don't need to rely on Humans, and will take care of the matter themselves. Confused by what happened, Bokomon attempt an explanation by exploring the warriors history including the beginning of the Human-Beast Digimon War (caused when some Digimon evolved more human-like), and the rise of Lucemon (who appeared more human than beast). The explanation to their sentience may also explain Takuya and Koji's initial problems with controlling BurningGreymon and KendoGarurumon. An army of Knightmon attack, but the Warriors are unable to defeat them, only any intervention by AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon destroy the army. The two ancient spirits walk off, leaving Takuya and Koji dumbstruck as their spirits leave without them.
12 "Blackened Spirit"
"Other Side of Darkness! The Shadow in the Nightmare!"
"Yami no Mukō-Gawa! Naitomea de Kage!" (闇の向こう側!ナイトメアで影!)
09-25-2016 06-03-2017
With only the Dark Terminal nearby, and only one Trailmon running the line, the Warriors camp out in the station. Koichi is unable to sleep, still wondering what has suddenly made Loweemon and JagerLoweemon so weak, but eventually goes to sleep. A jagged shadow creeps from the Terminal platform and encases itself over Koichi. Inside Koichi's dream, he and Loweemon are heckled by a shadowy, but familiar sounding figure. The figure lunges at Koichi, causing him to possess him. Loweemon attacks, but cannot harm Koichi an is easily defeated. Loweemon calls out to the other warriors through their D-Tectors and they are all transported into Koichi's nightmare. Koichi attempts to fight it, struggling between the voice in his head, and another he doesn't recognize. Working together, they force the shadow from Koichi and they wake up, while the shadow escapes. The Trailmon arrives and they board to Cherubimon's castle.
13 "The Combination of Evil"
"The Creed of Three! Leviamon's Creations of Envy!"
"San no Kurīdo! Senbō no Leviamon no Sōzō!" (三のクリード!羨望のリヴァイアモンの創造!)
10-02-2016 06-10-2017
The creature from the Blue Moon finally uses the spirits of Wind, Thunder and Ice and creates three digimon from them, setting them the task of eliminating Zoe, J.P. and Tommy. Trailmon reaches the end of the line at Cherubimon's castle and the kids enter but find no one there. Reminiscing about what it was like the first time they all arrived, they continue to search but come up with nothing, but one empty room with a gold and white D-Tector on the floor. Zoe, J.P. and Tommy's D-Tectors suddenly start buzzing and they al follow the signals all over the castle, without telling the others, soon they all reach the Light Barrier, where they encounter their spirits corrupted fusions; JetSilphymon, RhinoKabuterimon, and Daipenmon (which Tommy is absolutely horrified by). Throwing back their warriors spirits to make it intersting, Kazemon, Beetlemon and Kumamon are no match for the corrupted fusion warriors and get the fractal code beaten out of them. Before they lose their codes, Turuiemon arrives and digivolves to Cherubimon for a short time to ward off the evil warriors. Dedigivolving back to Turuiemon, the warriors reunite and wonder how they will be able to win.
14 "The Dragon and the Wolf"
"The Reunion of Light and Fire! Return of Aldamon and Beowulfmon!"
"Hikari to Hi no Saikai! Aldamon to Beowolfmon no Ritān!" (光と火の再会!アルダモンとベオウルフモンのリターン!)
10-09-2016 06-10-2017
Knowing that two ancient spirits have gone rogue, the Moon creatures order the Royal Knights to summon a pair of Digimon that can easily beat them in their spirit forms. Meanwhile, the Warriors encounter a small skirmish between Fugamon and Hyogamon Tribes, which start to fight, but are intervened by AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon before any of the Digimon get destroyed, which dampens Takuya and Koji. A pair of MetalPhantomon are summoned and the Ancient Digimon engage, however, their spirit forms made them vulnerable to their attacks. Zoe, J.P., Tommy, and Koichi intervene, but only serves as a temporary distraction. With Koichi still weaker than usual, and the other three still lacking their beast spirits, the MetalPhantomon overpower them. Takuya and Koji jump in to help, but without their spirits cannot do much. The Ancient Digimon, amazed by Takuya and Koji's will, re-fuse with them to become Aldamon and BeoWolfmon. Together, they take down and purify the MetalPhantomon, and the last bit of evil essence in the Spirits of Flame and Light.
15 "The Siege of Orleamon"
"Possessed in Void! The Eleventh Legendary Warrior is Born!"
"Boido ni Tsuka Reta! Dai jū Ichi Densetsu no Senshi ga Tanjō!" (ボイドに憑かれた!第十一伝説の戦士が誕生!)
10-16-2016 06-17-2017
While making their way towards the Rocky Terminal, they stumble into a most peculiar realm, even weirder than any of Sakkakumon's areas. They find a small area in the middle of what looks like infinity, but all rules of perception are nowhere, and a symbol similar to the legendary warriors flashes in and out. Then they are attacked by an angelic Digimon called Orleamon. Unable to understand her ability to appear out of nowhere and her strange elemental abilities. Held up in a self made barricade, warriors can only think about escaping since they cannot fight back. Using deception and trickery against Orleamon, they manage to land a single attack, which temporarily makes the zone solid for them to escape from. Orleamon slide digivolves to MeroGriffomon to give chase, but fails to stop them from leaving. Between slides, Koichi hears something, but the sound isn't recognizable.
16 "Tainted Divinty"
"Not a Bird nor Plane! The Terrible Flight of MeroGriffomon!"
"Shinai Tori Demo Hikōki! MeroGriffomon no Hidoi Furaito!" (しない鳥でも飛行機! メログリフォモンのひどいフライト!)
10-23-2016 06-17-2017
The Warriors escape the zone, but MeroGriffomon follows them through and attacks them again. Continuing her assaults the warriors separate and fall back. Koji and J.P., Takuya and Zoe, and Koichi and Tommy. Unluckily, Orleamon followed them, but Loweemon lands a hit that knocks her out of the sky. Koichi and Tommy run in the direction and find a girl unconscious on the floor. Tommy runs to get one of the other guys, while Koichi stays with her, she wakes up, telling him her name is Hanna, but she has no idea why she's here. When Koichi leaves, MeroGriffomon returns and attacks him and Tommy. The rest of the Warriors regroup and launch a counter attack. MeroGriffomon slide digivolves to Orleamon to engage them, but the Warriors manage to seriously injure her, forcing her to slide digivolve again to escape. Koichi goes back to look for Hanna, but cannot find her. Meanwhile, MeroGriffomon finally exhausts herself and fractal code forms and a girl falls unconscious from inside.
17 "Halls of Illusions"
"The Fallen's Tomb! The Masquerade through History!"
"No Ribenji Haka! Rekishi o Tsūjite Masukarēdo!" (のリベンジ墓!歴史を通じてマスカレード!)
10-30-2016 06-24-2017
Reboarding a Trailmon, the Warriors finally reach the Rocky Canyon, but are still miles from the Terminal. They run into Sepikmon, who takes his friends to the Tombs of the Legendary Warriors, but wandering around they start seeing things lurking around, but the shapes appear familiar. Eventually the Warriors start splitting off on their own. Deep in the shadows, the warriors continue to follow and attack, but find no one there at anytime they attack.
18 "Swords in the Darkness"
"Ambushed! The Fusion Warriors Endeavour!"
"Machibuse! Fuyūjon Senshi Endebā!" (待ち伏せ!フュージョン戦士エンデバー!)
11-06-2016 06-24-2017
With the next set of tracks too badly damaged to use, the Warriors end up having to walk the rest of the way. Through the Rocky Canyon, they are ambushed by Craniamon, who lures Aldamon and BeoWolfmon away from the group, which allows the Evil Legendary Warriors to take on the others, but with only their Warriors Spirits, they stood no chance. . Before the battle could continue, Orleamon shows up, but takes her fight with the Evil Fusion Warriors rather than the on Zoe, J.P. or Tommy. Sliding between Orleamon and MeroGriffomon, she eventually overcomes the Warriors and steals the Beast Spirits they had in their position. The Fusion Warriors retreat, but MeroGriffomon collapses, and the girl insode falls unconscious again. The Warriors regroup when Craniamon withdraws, and Koichi recognizes the girl, realizing that Hanna and Orleamon are the same person.
19 "The Eleventh Spirit"
"Trapped Soul! The Enemy in my Enemy is my Friend!?"
"Oikomareta Tamashī! Watashi no Tteki de Teki wa Watashinotomodachidesu!?" (追い込まれた魂!私の敵で敵は私の友達です!?)
11-13-2016 07-01-2017
Hanna wakes up, but tied up with the Warriors surrounding her. Panicking at first glance, she briefly evolves into Orleamon, but ultimately faints before it could finish. The Warriors decide what has to be done, but there are a lot of different opinions from all of them, especially Koichi who just wants to talk with her, which everyone eventually agrees to. After some time to let her calm down, she explains that when she touched the spirits, they sort of took over. Through their D-Tectors, the Celestial Digimon explain that the Spirits of Void were created as a counterbalance between the Human and Beast Digimon (as Cherubimon held five and Ophanimon and Seraphimon held five), as a precaution after what had previously occurred. The next morning, the warriors are attacked by Okuwamon, and Hanna uses the opportunity to slip away in fear of hurting them. The battle is easily won, but the warriors notice Hanna's disappearance and begin searching for her.
20 "Another Bites the Dusk"
"Darkness within Darkness! The Return of Duskmon!"
"Yami no Naka Yami! Duskmon no Ritān!" (闇の中闇! ダスクモンのリターン!)
11-20-2016 07-01-2017
While searching for Hanna, the Warriors reach an Elecmon Village, where they have been attacked by a Darkness elemental. Discovering Koichi is the Warrior of Darkness, they capture the gang, but later that night, the darkness attacks while the Warriors are tied up. The Elecmon apologize and untie them to fight the darkness off, but it vanishes before they could counter. They wait for the next night, but the darkness alludes them, until it leaps at Koichi's D-Tector. Forcing it off and spirit evolving into Loweemon, the jagged shadow takes the shape of Duskmon. The two engage and soon all the Warriors are called into the fight, but Duskmon overpowers them. Loweemon slide digivolves to JagerLoweemon, but Duskmon slides to Velgemon, and the two clash, with Duskmon taking his leave gloating.
21 "The Alpha Mon"
"The Leader Returns! Alphamon, the First Warrior!"
"Rīdā o Kaeshimasu! Alphamon, Mazu Senshi!" (リーダーを返します!アルファモン、まず戦士!)
11-27-2016 09-09-2017
The warriors are attacked by the combined efforts of Gankoomon and Jesmon, and are easily thrown to the side. They are about to lose their spirits, when a black armoured knight Digimon lunges out of no where and beats the Royal Knights back to the point their fractal codes are exposed. The two knights retreat, as does the Digimon who saved them. When the two knights return to Craniamon, the purple knight decides to lure out the black knight, revealing him to be the former leader of the Royal Knights, Alphamon. The two clash, but Craniamon's invincible arsenals prevent Alphamon from beating him. The two exhaust each other, till Craniamon is ordered to retreat by the moon creatures. Alphamon then takes his leave from the warriors. Meanwhile, Hanna is spooked by voices in her head, the voices of the spirits in her possession. They taunt her and convince her how weak she is, before forcing a Fusion Evolution into the fusion spirit of void.
22 "A Voiding Certain Doom"
"Attack of the Angelic Digimon! Fusion Spirit, Sarumukmon!"
"Tenshi Dejimon no Kōgeki! Fu~yūjonsupiritto, Sarumukmon!" (天使デジモンの攻撃!フュージョンスピリット、サルムクモン!)
12-04-2016 09-09-2017
The warriors reach the Rocky Terminal at last, and are surprised when they find MagnaAngemon, Angewomon, and Antylamon there. After further explanation, the three celestial Digimon use their power to power up Zoe, Tommy, J.P. and Koichi's D-Tectors, for when the time is right, at the cost of de-digivolving back to their rookie forms. Sarumukmon, revealed to be the Fusion Spirit of Void makes an attack against the warriors, but then switches out into Orleamon when her form cannot hold. Taking advantage, the warriors evolve and attack, but the battle takes its toll on Hanna, which forces them to cease, only to allow Orleamon to take part of their power and force them to De-Digivolve. With Koichi the only one with his warrior and beast spirits, he attempts to fusion evolve, but the power doesn't work, forcing him to try and stop Orleamon as Loweemon, but only to allow her to gain his D-Tector's power as well, allowing Orleamon to return to Hanna briefly and return into Sarumukmon.
23 "Falling Angel"
"Welcome Back Hanako! The Trapped Host Released!"
"Hanako o Okaerinasai! Torappu sa Reta Hosuto ga Rirīsu!" (花子をおかえりなさい!トラップされたホストがリリース!)
12-11-2016 09-16-2017
As Sarumukmon's attack against the warriors continue, Alphamon appears and shouts his disgust at the Warrior of Void for acting in such a chaotic way, citing that a warrior only fight the strong on behalf of the weak. Sarumukmon goes berserk and attacks Alphamon, who only stays to by the warriors time to recover. Using this time, Takuya and Koji fusion evolve back into Aldamon and BeoWolfmon to rejoin the fight, but Sarumukmon's rage is beyond control and starts ripping the fractal code from them terminal. Aldamon is knocked back into Takuya, while BeoWolfmon barely hangs on to his Fusion Evolution. Alphamon cites that only balance can restore balance, that opposing elements can work as one, Koichi uses his new power successfully and fusion evolves into Rhihimon. Aiding BeoWolfmon, the warriors of Light and Darkness finally defeat Sarumukmon and Koichi purifies the spirits, freeing Hanna once and for all.
24 "Thou Seeketh Redemption"
"Join The Fight! To Forgive and Forget!"
"Faito ni Sanka Shimashou! Yurushi, Wasurete!" (ファイトに参加しましょう!赦し、忘れて!)
12-18-2016 09-16-2017
With the spirits of void purified, the evil excess energy reforms into Ornismon. Meanwhile, the warriors try to convince Hanna that she should fight with them now that she's free, but the whole experience scared her so much that she just wants to leave. Even with everyone trying to talk to her, she boards the Trailmon heading for the Flame Terminal to go home, however, Ornismon attacks and takes the fractal code of the track ahead, which allows him to digivolve into the more powerful AncientOrnismon. Aldamon, BeoWolfmon and Rhihimon engage, but aren't strong enough, even with the spiritual assistance of AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon. After an ephiphany and some kind words from the warriors, Hanna fusion evolves into the purified form of Sarumukmon and uses the power of void to remove the fractal code it had stolen, de-digivolving it to a weaker state for Aldamon, BeoWolfmon and Rhihimon to defeat and purify Ornismon once and for all.
25 "The Warriors Four"
"Reinforcements Arrive! The Other Four Legendary Warriors!"
"Zōen ga Tōchaku! Hoka no Shitsu no Densetsu no Senshi!" (増援が到着!他の四つの伝説の戦士!)
12-25-2016 09-23-2017
5 minutes have passed in the human world, and a second call has reached four others. Meanwhile, the Royal Knights assimilate the fractal code they have acquired, and use it to finally break the seals on the three moons. The demons tat emerge still conceal themselves, but order their three Evil Warriors to attack the Flame Terminal, wanting to take the code from the portals to the human world. A Trailmon pulls up to the terminal, and Katsuharu Kaneko, Teppei Doi, Chiaki Mizuki, and Teruo Hayashi step out. The Village of Flames is attacked, and they along with the Digimon take shelter in the Underground Labyrinth. Receiving a call from Ophanimon, they reach a shrine of the Ten Legendary Warriors and are attacked by RhinoKabuterimon, JetSilphymon, and Daipenmon. With encouragement and demonstration of bravery, they receive their spirits, to spirit evolve into Mercurymon, Grumblemon, Ranamon, and Arbormon. Though they stand little chance, they are relieved when BurningGreymon, KendoGarurumon, Kazemon, Kumamon, Beetlemon, JägerLoweemon and Orleamon arrive at the station and overpower the three, sending them packing.
26 "Stained Steel"
"Knowledge and Secrets! The Area of Void is Revealed!"
"Chishiki to Himitsu! Boido no Menseki wa Akiraka ni sa Rete Imasu!" (知識と秘密!ボイドの面積は明らかにされています!)
01-01-2016 09-23-2017
While the four new warriors test out their spirit evolutions, Sakkakumon is accidently summoned outside from Mercurymon and the four warriors are drawn into a new area that wasn't there before. Gankoomon arrives, enters, and attacks them, easily beating them with minimal effort. The other warriors attempt to break in, but not even in fusion form can they get inside. J.P. remembers when Duskmon did the same thing and managed to ease in to attack Koji, which they think could work again using Koichi, but Tommy also points out that it might be just have been because it was his element area that allowed him through. Without a choice, Orleamon and Loweemon both push through, and Orleamon manages to enter safely. Gankoomon corners the exhausted warriors, but Orelamon's arrival catches him by surprise. Mercurymon successfully slides into Sakkakumon and expels Gankoomon with a taste of his own attacks.
27 "Hot and Breezy"
"Is This Real? The Combination of Fire and Wind!"
"Kore wa Riarudesu ka? Hi to Kaze no Kumiawase!" (これはリアルですか?火と風の組み合わせ!)
01-08-2016 09-30-2017
The Warriors temporarily split up to train; Takuya, Tommy and J.P. with Katsuharu and Teppei, Koji and Koichi with Teruo, and all the girls together. While they are all training, the new warriors ask what their comrades think about each other having worked as a team and been friends ever since their first meetings. The conversation remains fairly civil, until Takuya and Zoe are asked about each other, which leads them both to remember what happened in Ophanimon's Library.
28 "Barbamon's Shop of Horrors"
"Evil Spirit from Outer Space! Demon Lord of Greed, Barbamon!"
"Uchū Kara Akuryō! Yoku, Barbamon no Maō!" (宇宙から悪霊!欲、バルバモンの魔王!)
01-15-2016 09-30-2017
Barbamon finally makes his move by leaving the Red Moon to the Digital World. The Warriors in their respective groups all are called to a mysterious building that popped out of nowhere. Inside, the Warriors are decided by hordes of their greatest desires to an abundance. With their desires met, they slowly forget their purpose, succumbing to the curse of greed when they desire mire, even starting to fight each other for their own treasures. Hanna, who's desire was a door to go home, stops herself at the last moment when she realises that she actually likes the Digital World, even managing to convince everyone else to change theirs to her own. With the spell broken the building collapses with everyone running to escape.
29 "Greed With Envy"
"The Last Element! Hyper Spirit Evolution!"
"Saigo no Yōso! Haipāsupiritto Shinka!" (最後の要素!ハイパースピリット進化!)
01-22-2016 09-30-2017
Having escaped from Barbamon's trap, the Demon Lord himself appears and starts attacking them himself. Losing badly to his strength, even with Eleven Legendary Warriors. A call to help to the Celestial Digimon reawakens the power in Koji's D-Tectors, transforming them again as they did before. Using the power received, Takuya and Koji Unify Spirit Evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. The combined efforts and Barbamon's own weakened state allows the pair to defeat him with the evil fractal code flies off into space. The gold rings around the screens of Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors fall off, returning their Digivices to their original forms.
30 "De-Digivolved"
"Reverse Evolution! The Trial of the Elemental Guardians Begin!"
"Shinka Ribāsu! Erementaru Hogo-sha no Toraiaru Kaishi!" (進化リバース!エレメンタル保護者のトライアル開始!)
01-29-2016 10-07-2017
With Barbamon's Fractal Code released, Daemon and Leviamon begin planning a revenge attack, but hold off when the Elemental Guardians intervene. Appearing before the Legendary Warriors, the five mega levels easily overpower them, and steal their D-Tectors. Extracting the spirits from their devices, the Guardians decide to put the Warriors through trials to determine if they are worthy to become Digimon. Infusing their bodies with the spirits directly, the Warriors transform into the rookie forms; Flamemon, Strabimon, Yukimon, Fayemon, Elytramon, Jungemon, Jingzimon, Cragmon, Naiamon, Timbermon, and Caismon.
31 "The Trial of Beginnings"
"Child to Adult! The Evolution Begins!"
"Otona ni Kodomo! Shinka ga Hajimaru!" (大人に子供!進化が始まる!)
02-05-2016 10-07-2017
The warriors are separated in order to complete trials according to to their respective element's guardian; Plaseimon (Flame and Thunder vs. Stingmon), Gaosmon (Wind and Wood vs. Aquilamon), Liqueremon (Water and Ice vs. Seadramon), Solidusmon (Earth and Steel vs. Golemon), and Aitheimon (Light and Darkness vs. MadLeomon). Meanwhile, Caismon (Hanna) wounds up with Bokomon and Neemon in an unknown trials, stalked at every corner by Duskmon.
32 "Halfway to Climax"
"Adult to Perfect! The Hurdles Rise Higher!"
"Otona wa Kanpeki ni! Hādoru wa Takai Jōshō!" (大人は完璧に!ハードルは高い上昇!)
02-12-2016 10-14-2017
After obtaining their digivolutions to Champion level (Warrior Spirit form), the next trial arrives in the form of Garudamon, Blossomon, BlueMeramon, MetalTyrannomon, and Shakkoumon. Duskmon continues pursuing Caismon, but loses sight briefly, which allows Caismon to stumble upon an old rune carving with two elements written upon it: Void and Null.
33 "The New Summons"
"Perfect to Ultimate! Death to the Wicked Warriors!"
"Kyūkyoku no Pāfekuto! Jaakuna Senshi ni Shi o!" (究極のパーフェクト!邪悪な戦士に死を!)
02-19-2016 10-14-2017
34 "Reclamation"
"United as One! Mark of the Eleven Warriors!"
"Hitotsu to Shite Danketsu! Irebun Senshi no Māku!" (一つとして団結!イレブン戦士のマーク!)
02-26-2016 10-21-2017
35 "The Confrontation"
"Out of Our Ways! The Test will End!"
"Watashitachi no Hōhō no Uchi! Tesuto ga Shūryō Shimasu!" (私たちの方法のうち!テストが終了します!)
03-04-2016 10-21-2017
36 "Falling on One's Sword"
"A Valiant Duel! Jesmon's Quest for Rest!"
"Vuariantodeyueru! Rekuriēshon Jesmon no Kuesuto!" (ヴァリアントデュエル!レクリエーションジエスモンのクエスト!)
03-11-2016 10-28-2017
37 "Who's The Mon? I'm Daemon"
"Beneath the Cloaked Shadows! Demon Lord of Wrath, Demon!"
"Kurōku Kage no Shita ni! Ikari, Demon no Maō!" (クローク影の下に!怒り、デーモンの魔王!)
03-18-2016 11-04-2017
38 "Leviamon Let Die"
"Under Pursuit! Demon Lord of Envy, Leviamon!"
"Tsuikyū no Shita ni! Senbō, Leviamon no Maō!" (追求の下に!羨望、リヴァイアモンの魔王!)
03-25-2016 11-04-2017
39 "Our World"
"Breaking Boundaries! Next Stop: the Human World!"
"Sokuhō Kyōkai! Tsugi no Teiryūjo: Ningen no Sekai!" (速報境界!次の停留所:人間の世界!)
04-01-2016 11-11-2017
40 "Home Turf"
"Children to Warriors! Element of Surprise!"
"Senshi no Kodomo! Sapuraizu no Yōso!" (戦士の子供!サプライズの要素!)
04-08-2016 11-11-2017
41 "Then There Was One"
"Louwemon vs Duskmon! The Final Confrontation!"
"Louwemon VS Duskmon! Kesshō Taiketsu!" (ダスクモン対レーベモン!決勝対決!)
04-15-2016 11-18-2017
42 "End of a Knight's Tale"
"The Beast Unleashed! The Last Battle of Alphamon!"
"Bīsuto wa Anrīshudo! Alphamon no Rasutobatoru!" (ビーストはアンリーシュド! アルファモンのラストバトル!)
04-22-2016 11-18-2017
43 "Alpha for Avenged"
"End of the Beast! Death to Ogudomon!"
"Kemono no Owari! Ogudomon ni Shi o!" (獣の終わり! オグドモンに死を!)
04-29-2016 11-25-2017
44 "Demons in the Closet"
"Back from the Dead! The Wrath of the Demon Lords!"
"Bakku Shisha Kara! Maō no Ikari!" (バック死者から!魔王の怒り!)
05-06-2016 11-25-2017
45 "Sing Susanoomon"
"Legendary Warriors Unite! The Rebirth of the Ancient Warrior, Susanoomon!"
"Densetsu no Senshi Yunaito! Kodai no Senshi, Susanoomon no Fukkatsu!" (伝説の戦士ユナイト!古代の戦士、スサノオモンの復活!)
05-13-2016 12-02-2017
46 "Going Digital"
"One World Down! Back to the Digital World!"
"Wanwārudodaun! Modoru Dejitaruwārudo e!" (ワンワールドダウン!戻るデジタルワールドへ!)
05-20-2016 12-02-2017
47 "Celestial Miracle"
"Divine Light! The Return of the Celestial Trio!"
"Kami no Raito! Tentai Torio no Ritān!" (神のライト!天体トリオのリターン!)
05-27-2016 12-09-2017
48 "Final Countdowns"
"Here we Stand! The World Beneath our Feet!"
"Kokode wa, Sutando! Watashitachi no Ashi no Shita no Sekai!" (ここでは、スタンド!私たちの足の下の世界!)
06-03-2016 12-09-2017
49 "Doomsday"
"The Time is Nigh! The End of the Worlds!"
"Jikan ga Chikadzuite Imasu! Sekainoowari!" (時間が近付いています!世界の終わり!)
06-10-2016 12-16-2017
50 "Into the Abalysmon"
"Hail the Demon Lord King! Iblismon the Evil One!"
"Maō Kingu hyō! Akuma Iblismon!" (魔王キング雹!悪魔イブリースモン!)
06-17-2016 12-16-2017
51 "A World for Us All"
"Is This It? All Struggles gone to Hell!"
"Kore wa, Sore wa Arimasu ka? Subete no Tōsō wa, Jigoku ni Itte!" (これは、それはありますか?すべての闘争は、地獄に行って!)
06-24-2016 12-23-2017
52 "Final Calls"
"The End of the End! The Legend Concludes!"
"Owari no Owari! Densetsu wa Shūryō!" (終わりの終わり!伝説は終了!)
07-01-2016 12-23-2017

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