Level Ultimate
Type Dragon
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar

Name: Komodomon

Species: Dragon

Group: Reptile/Dragon/Dinosaur

Level: Ultimate (Perfect for those who prefer Japanese Terms)

Attribute: Data

Can be Digivolved from: Kekuremon (his natural Champion), DarkTyrannomon, Angedramon (Devidramon's Holy counterpart)

Can be DNA Digivolved from: Hookmon + Greymon, Seadramon + Sunflowmon, Ginryumon + Aquilamon

Can Digivolve into:

Strongest Elements: Fire and/or Steel

Weakest Element: Thunder and/or Earth

Attacks: Crushing Claw, Metallic Fang, Dragon Glare, Toxic Blaze


He is Riku Hirokawa's Digimon partner in Digimon Heroes. In the Real World, Komodomon usually takes the form of his Rookie level, Chiikimon. Komodomon usually warp Digivolves from his Rookie form when he enters the Digital World. Komodomon and his human partner obtained the Ancient Spirit Digi-Eggs of AncientGreymon and AncientWisemon. Komodomon is about the size of your average medium height/weight Champion Digimon. Komodomon, like the seven other Children of Chronomon [the Chosen Digimon in Digimon Heroes], found a parent-like figure in Centarumon, who raised and protected them until they could Digivolve and fight by themselves. Before meeting they human partners, the Children of Chronomon usually visited Centarumon every once in a while, until Kurata arrived from an alternate dimension, with an army Gizumon, who destroyed Centarumon and many other Digimon, including Pharaohmon. Komodomon is pretty fast despite his reptilian appearance.