Jupitemon is the strongest of the Twelve Olympian God Digimon. He is sometimes referred to as Jovimon. He, like the other eleven Olympians, is a Mega level digimon. Template:Digimon Infobox


Jupitemon is a Holy species Digimon that is a God Man type. His attribute is Vaccine, and Jupitemon/Jovimon is based off Zeus. He belongs to the Wind Guardians and Virus Busters families. He is very human-like, with a long white beaded ram horns, eagle wings, a toga with a lightning bolt-shaped pin.


His three major attacks are Magna Jolt, with which he brutally zaps numerous enemies at once, Gargantuan Gale, with which he creates a huge wind storm that surrounds his fist and punches the enemy, and Wrathful Light, with which he summons a blinding light from nowhere, and uses it as a force of aura-like energy, blasting it at all foes.


In Digimon Heroes, after DATS arrests Kurata, Jupitemon helps Ikuto and Falcomon avenge Merukimon's death by destroying all of Kurata's Gizumon, and smiting Kurata, sending him into the deepest part of the Dark Area, beyond the Demon Lord Digimon.

Jupitemon then helps Takuya and Kouji by giving them the power to become Susanoomon again to save the Sovereigns, and gives the eight Children of Chronomon some of their ancestor, Chronomon's, abilities.


Jupitemon can Digivolve from the eight Ultimate forms of the Children of Chronomon, Komodomon, Ospremon, Orangumon, Gerlimon, Biikamon, Hauntmon, Zudomon, and Taomon.