Full Name: Jeremy "Jerry" Throne {{{Image}}}
Nickname(s): Jerry
Partner: [[Gotsumon]]
Gender: Male
Age: 13 (older than Kouda)
Family: Bryan Throne (father)

Diane Throne (mother)

Interests: being funny, juggling
Dislikes: having no friends, Yuuki Rukimoto (as he was being bossed around by him)
Crest: Reliability
Group: Golden Heart DigiDestined
Personality: Funny, Fun-Loving and Eccentric. Can be clumsy and reckless.
Personal History: Jerry was at a cruise ship, until he gets a phone call from Azulongmon, and sends him to the Digital World, where he met Gotsumon.

Jerry Throne is the clown of the Golden Heart DigiDestined and the Golden Heart Army. He is the son of Bryan Throne, an engineer and Diane Throne, a waitress. He was on a cruise ship while on a vacation until he gets a call from Azulongmon, and abducts him into the Digital World, makes him makes his new friend, Gotsumon. His hope is to become a magician. He is a very funny fat boy who always tries to love Angel Garnier (because of her beauty) and be the leader but always loses to Yuuki Rukimoto, who he has a rivalry with. Jerry is often compared to J.P from Frontier.

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