Level Mega
Type Ancient Dragon
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar

GigaKomodomon is Komodomon's true natural Mega form. In Serpent Mode, he is fast and good with not only brute strength and defense, but also long range attacks.


His Nova Slash attack is quite powerful, using his claws and energy in the form of flames. His Cyanide Cannon attack eats away at enemy Digimon with lethal poison. His Neo Serpent Fang attack can cause massive damage to his foe's data.


He can mode change to Slayer Mode, then DNA digivolve Slayer Mode w/ Susanoomon to get Shaman Mode.


In Digimon Heroes, Komodomon first digivolves to GigaKomodomon Serpent Mode after obtaining a spontaneous burst of energy during a fight with a corrupted GranDracmon. They were rivals since they were very young, and after the fight, they settled their differences when the Seven Demon Digimon escaped from the Dark Area. Prior to Komodomon's Digivolution to Mega, GranDracmon defeated RizeGreymon, MachGaogamon, Crowmon, and Lilamon easily, since his corruption made him rampage. Aldamon and Beowulfmon tried to help, but were also defeated quite easily.

It was a long drawn out fight, but GigaKomodomon defeated GranDracmon, saving him from being completely controlled by his Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride. GranDracmon seemed to be acting like he was under the control of a far more powerful being.

GigaKomodomon reverted back to Komodomon, and later obtained the power to digivolve further.