Dorumon X is Serpentmon after the X-antibody entered his body and revealed his true form as Dorumon.


When Serpentmon,Wargreymon X and Boamon were in a giant and heated fight Serpentmon was almost killed along with Wargreymon X. Wargreymon X offered his X-Antibody to Serpentmon to keep him alive. When it entered Serpentmon's body it revealed his true form as a Dorumon. He attacked Boamon again but was heavily damaged immediately. Dorumon thought of the death of Wargreymon X and other digimon he had befriended. He became angry and his X-Antibody reacted and made his X-Antibody abilities more power turning him into Dorumon X. He attacked Boamon and dealed heavy damage causing Boamon to retreat. From then on Kenny was stuck with the fast talking and brave little digimon known as Dorumon X.

Differences from normal DorumonEdit

  1. The X-Antibody crystal on his head is now in a more sharp triangular shape.
  2. His hands now have large (For a Dorumon) claws
  3. He has 2 saber teeth sticking from his mouth
  4. His body has grown a tiny bit
  5. His fur is black like a Dorugamon

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