Level Ultimate
Type Ancient
Attribute Virus, but can be any
Family Nature Spirits

Name: Dimetromon

Height: 4'2"

Weight: 176.4 lbs

Species: Dragon (even if it does have some Beast-species qualities)

Family: Nature Spirits

Group: Ancient

Level: Ultimate (Perfect for those who prefer Japanese Terms)

Attribute: can be any, but is usually Virus

Can be Digivolved from: Greymon, Bladramon (natural Champion), Paramon, Kekuremon, Monochromon, BlackGarurumon, Dinohumon

Can be DNA Digivolved from: Grizzmon + Growlmon, Gaogamon + DarkTyrannomon Ankylomon + BlackExVeemon

Can Digivolve into: BanchoLeomon, KingEtemon, Gaiomon (natural Mega), GranKuwagamon, Lotusmon, Examon

Strongest Element: Fire

Weakest Element: Wind

Attacks: Storm of Blades, Infernal Meteor, Paleo Power, Ground Wrecker

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