Plot SummaryEdit

To get rid of all evil Digimon, Dietymon created one Digi-Egg for each type of Digimon. However, Horrormon destroyed all but nine of them and the destroyed ones were recreated into evil Digi-Eggs.

Those nine Digi-Eggs were mind, light, weapons, steel, might, beasts, ghost, bugs, and dragons. The Digi-Egg of darkness's Digimon managed to change to the good side without being destroyed by the good digimon, unlike the other digimon whose egg was turned evil by Horrormon.

They have to rescue the seven shining angels from seven evils. The angels are Marineangemon, the angel of patience; Seraphimon, the angel of kindness, Slashangemon, the angel of diligence; Ophanimon, the angel of chastity; Cherubimon, the angel of humility, Dominimon, the angel of temperance, and Dietymon, the angel of charity.

The main villians are Renamon, Smokedramon, the Zodiac twelve (twelve ultimate digimon with the names of the Zodiac constellations), MegaElectromon, Metaldramon, the Dark digidestined (the mega levels of the digimon in the digi-eggs that were destroyed by Horrormon) and Riftmon (Horrormon's double ultimate form.)

The ten Digmon of the Digi-EggsEdit

Dark DigidestinedEdit