Digimon 2 Invashion of the D-Reapers

Digimon Tamers 2: Invasion of the D-Leters is the Sequel to Digimon Tamers [story wise ] created by UltimentGMR that well soon be on Fan Ficton so stay toned for that

Quick note i do not own the imege in the corner however i do give Cridit to the person who made it

Plot Edit

the series is set Two years after the events of both the final battle of the D- Reaper and Runaway Locomon. Takato,Henry and Rika are now 14 Years old and living in there home town however Henry and Rika each are going to a different place for Summer with there family and Digimon Terriermon and Renamon while Takato and Guilmon are still in Toyko. however this Summer is not going to be a simple as it seems as a crises in the Digital World caused by an Unknown Force cause many Digimon to enter the Human world now in three different POV Takato,Henry and Rika must assemble there own team of new Digimon Tamers to deal with these Crises.

Characters and Mini Story's Edit

The Charicters and storys in the Digimon Tamers 2 is set from three different locations Tokyo [Takato],Beijing[Henry] and  Los Angeles [Rika ] all haveing there own problems.

Tokyo Japan Digimon Tamers Edit

Name Info Digimon Digimon Info
Takato The perfeus Leader of the Tamers

Takato in this season is less of a crybaby

but still has the sad moments like feeling bad that

Henry and Rika are away for Summer and Kenta and Kazu went

to Camp. when a New Digimon fell from the sky when Takato and his Visiting Cousin named Grolmon. Takato and Guilmon that they have to safe Both the Human and Digital World yet again

Guilmon Guilmon in this serries is allot smarter than he was in Tamers however he still has that funny & cute side to him as Jeri put it. in this he acts as a big brother to Grolmon showing him how to go around the human world
Jeri Takato's chiled hood freind . Jeri has learned allot from Rika before she left for Las Angeles and has grown up abit she did quit her hand pupit but she still keeps it in the house. She is still scared doe of being a Tamer doe to the past Inserdent with Leomon Leormon This Digimon is a mystory no one knows if it is the past Leomon rencarnated or if its a diffrent Leomon however this little cat does have a strange likeing to Jeri
Ai & Mako Both Ai and Mako who are now six but they have grown up alittle bit and share Impmon . in this serries doe they are happy to help out in fighting the invading Digimon Impmon adoo on the surface he didnt seem to change deep down Impmon has learned to care for his friends and secretly misses both Terriermon and Renamon and there Human partners
Tomodachi Takato's cusion visiting for the Summer he is alittle nervus and is easy scared exspechaly after getting Grolmon as his Digimon Partner however overtime Tomodachi does overcome his fear and works with the others to save both the Human and Digital World Grolmon

AKA "The Key "

a Digimon with Amnesia he does not know who he was or where he came from however he is a friendly Digimon lefting Tomodachi's Confidince however allot of Digimon keep refernceing Grolmon as "the Key "
Edina Jeri's classroom freind who at first did not like Digimon becouse of the Insedents with The Digimon inviding and she thought the D- Reaper was a Out of control Digimon however that all change when she meet her own Digimon Ctamon Ctamon Ctamon is a blue cat digimon her personlity is the same with Edina but with humans she used to think humans where evil and destrutive doe to the Jugurnut Program however she also learns to acsept Humans as Edina acsepts Digimon

Team Plot Edit

while trying to find out what Hapaning with the Digimon. Takato and Freinds must convince the New Hypnos [one without Yamaki who mysteriously dissiperd ] to not destroy all the Digimon while trying to find out more of these D-Leters new Digimon created when something fused with there Data .

Beijing Digimon Tamers Edit

Name Info Digimon Digimon Info
Henry Henry's Family is going to Beijing to visit there relatives Henry

is sad to leave the others behind however he's sure they well be ok

Henry seems to of lightend up yet at the same time he does get sereius when it counts. Like when a Mystreius Digimon hides in the shadows Henry and Terriermon waste no time to find out what this Digimon is.

Terriermon adoe most charicters changed overtime Terriermon is one of the few to not change hes still a pranker and even doe he does miss his pals back home he is happy to spend time on this holiday saying that all this Momentie stuff is draveing him nuts doe he does get alittle annioide that "MR Shadow " decides to interupt his holiday
Suzie adoe it was only a few years Suzie has changed allot she dosecnet say Wee now and now knows when things get seriues she really does look up to Henry and hopes to be as big of a Tamer as her Big Brother Lopmon the Former Deva now has her own device to comunicate with the Solverine [who still hates humans by the way ] to see if the Digital World needs help when the invashion happends Suzie and Lopmon have decided to help out
Kuzu while thinking he was going to Camp Kazu atchlentley ends up in Beijing knowing he does not have a return ticket he desides to crash at the Wrongs and helps out in the shadow Digimon Mystory Guardromon he didnt seem to change that much doe he does understand more of the Human world and would like to lend a hand
Yun a New charicter. she is the cusion of Henry and Suzie. she is as smart as Henry she joins in the sertch for this shadow Digimon with her Digimon Shinemon Shinemon is a Fire Type bird type digimon who is as smart as Yun she goes in the air to see where this shadow Digimon is
? a new Member to be reveled in doe time ? ?

Team Plot Edit

even doe it was to visit the other members of there Family Janyu reveles they also have to find a Shadow Digimon that is stealing things from Humans to find this Digimon Henry makes his own Tamer's team as they battle different Digimon and these D-Leters

Las-Andrealess Digimon Tamers Edit

Name Info Digimon Digimon Info
Rika ado she has gotten kinder than when she was

in the past Rika still does have a kick still in her she didn't

want to go to Los Andraless because it was mostly her Mum

modelling deal that forced her there and also there was no Digimon to

fight until Rika and her freinds heard about this Digimon fighting Leauge at first her and Renamon compete but latter learn its to the death Rika decides to try to end it and free the Digimon

Renamon like Rika she has gotten softer but not by allot she is still loyal to Rika no matter what and is still a great freind to her when she learns that the Digimon Fighting Leauge is to the Death Renamon is descust and she and Rika try to put an end to it
Ryo Much to Rika's shagren MR Perfect family are visiting Las Andress as well for there Grandmas surprise Birthday Ryo still teases Rika Cyberdramon still gronts
Kenta like Kuzu Kenta made a u turn and ended up in Las Andress much to Rika's sergren he stays at Rika's place until he can be sent home MarineAngemon she holds a bigger role in this story
Sunny Rika's cusion she is the opperset of Rika and is hyper witch ticks Rika off calling her Mess Sunny doe she does have a human side and does realy care for Rika Pinkmon a Pink like digimon unlike Sunny whose happy Pinkmon is more serieus and even doe she looks young hes atchely really old and is wise she give the others advice and is a good freind
Ven the Final Member of Rika's team Ven is a lone wolf charicter whose doe to a bad past revuses to team with other people he is the Digimon fighting champion and is not happy to give his tital to Rika. Rika seems to see her past self in Ven doe to his obsesion with makeing Houndmon stronger he does lighten up in the future Houndmon Houndmon is Ven's Digimon and is extremly loyal to him even killing Digimon doe he does not like it himself its reveled that when he was a Pupmon Ven rescured him and thats why hes loyal to him

Team Plot Edit

even doe she does not want to go here Rika is forced to go to Las andress board of a normal life she and Renamon hear of a Digimon fighting Club she joins thinking its for fun however when she learns they have to kill the Digimon Rika decides to try to end the fighting club