DIGIVICE 2011!!!Edit

MiniXrosRed XrosMiniRedGuide

Xros Heart (Red)Edit

Digimon to DefeatEdit
Resulting DigixrosEdit
Pickmon/Chibickmon Guilmon
Starmon (XW) Agumon
Cutemon V-Mon
Ballistamon Shoutmon X2
Dondokomon ShineGreymon
Dorulumon Shoutmon X4
Beelzebumon (XW) Shoutmon X4B

Shoutmon X5

MiniXrosBlue XrosMiniBlueGuide

Blue Flare (Blue)Edit

Digimon to DefeatEdit
Resulting DigixrosEdit
Koromon/Bommon (XW) Monochromon
Babydmon Seadramon
Cutemon Tyranomon
Holydramon Dracomon
Dondokomon Triceramon
Gaosumon Imperialdramon FM
Cyberdramon (XW) WarGreymon
Mailbirdramon MetalGreymon (XW)

MiniXrosBlack XrosMiniBlackGuide

Twilight (Black)Edit

Digimon to DefeatEdit
Resulting DigixrosEdit
PicoDevimon/Monimon Hagurumon
Mechanorimon Andromon
Cutemon Asuramon
Devimon MarineDevimon
Dondokomon MetalEtemon
Monitamon Belphemon Rage Mode
Vamdemon Lucemon Satan Mode


NOTE:This Digivice is able to battle against another enemy and evolve without battle another Digivice!

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