This Fiction is a continuation of Digimon Adventure R, but has changes.

Episodes Edit

  1. Back to the Digital World! Evolution is Impossible?! - The Chosen Children return to the digital world and realize that a new threat is stopping their digivices from evolving Their digimon.
  2. Locate the Digimental! Veemon is Born? - Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori come to the digital world and find a way to counter the Kaiser's evolution-stopping Digivice in the form of Veemon and His Armor evolution.
  3. In the Sky! In the Ground! Two More Digimentals? - Miyako and Iori are separated and come across the Digimentals of Love and Knowledge, freeing Hawkmon and Armadimon.
  4. The Digivices Evolve? Pegasusmon and Nefertimon!
  5. Liberate the Digital World! Tear down the Dark Towers!
  6. The Emperor's Identity Revealed! Vs. Cyclonemon
  7. Evolution Forced by the Evil Shackle! Skullgreymon runs Rampant!
  8. Darkest Day! Vs. MetalGreymon!
  9. Nightmare Reunion! Armor Digimon Vs. MetalGreymon!
  10. True Friendship Shines!
  11. Purity at Its Pinnacle!
  12. Believe in Reliability!
  13. Hikari in another World! A World without Light or Color?
  14. 3 Years ago to this day...
  15. Search for the Kaiser's Fortress! - The Heroes try to locate the Kaiser's base.
  16. The Dark-Digivolved Digimon! - The Kaiser unleashes Chimeramon and recaptures the Six Children's Digimon, forcing them to evolve to Their Virus forms.
  17. Infiltration! The Golden Miracle! - The New Chosen Children manage to evade the Spiral-Controlled digimon, but faces Chimeramon, who devolved them to Their weaker forms. and when things looked hopeless, the Digimental of Miracles appears.
  18. The Kaiser's Defeat! - With Chimeramon deleted and the digimon free from the spirals, the Chosen Children face a livid Ken who grives over Wormmon's deletion.
  19. Resting Easily! Veemon's Origins? - With the threat of the Digimon Kaiser over and done, the Chosen Children learn about the Origins of Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadimon.
  20. The Kaiser's Tragic Memories...
  21. Evolution Time! What Will they become?
  22. Redemption for Ken! The Digimental of Kindness! - Ken, still reeling from losing Wormmon, is taken to the digital world and finds the Digimental of Kindness and...
  23. Hesitation! The savage attacker won't stop! - The Woman unleashes a digimon made from a dark tower to destroy a dam, but the chosen children won't bring themselves to delete it, but...

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