Digimon Adventure: 03 is a fictional, fan-created digimon series. It takes place 2 years after it's prequel Digimon Adventure: 02. It features new characters and digimon as well as some "returning" ones from it's prequels and some from the other Digimon series

Intro to the seriesEdit

DA: 03 is setted 2 years after the end of Digimon Adventure: 02. In this 2 years period a lot children from all over the world traveled to the DigiWorld and met various Digimon. The DigiWorld became a famous vacation destination and as the Human's technology grew the DigiWorld grew even more bigger. Eventually six months prior to the series DigiVicies were being created a lot more frequently and the World of Digimon was filled with Tamers who came from all the places of the Earth. As a result countless new Digimon were born. The Tamers along with their virtual partners founded a vast amount of DigiTournamets and competitions. But they didn't stop there they also created an organization to protect the DigiWorld from evil.


These are the main charactters of DA: 03.

Name Partner Returning Crest Global Rank Digi Items DigiVice

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya

Agumon Yes Courage

No.1 (Former)


Tag of Feelings,

Sphere of Courage,

Sphere of Strength,

Ancient Tooth

and Gatomon's Holy Ring

An orange TS-09 with white endings and two blue stripes next to the screen. It is dark green with grey endings and stripes when in DigiVice Of Strength mode and white with bright yellow endings and light blue stripes when in DigiVice Of Force mode.

Yamato "Matt" Ishida Gabumon Yes Friensdship No.32

Tag of Feelings,

Tooth of Anubis,

Sphere of Friendship,

Sphere of Force

and Sabermon's Claw

A blue and silver TS-09. It turns light green with dark green endings and two silver stripes near the screen when in DigiVice of Strength mode and silveish-white  with golden yellow stripes and grey endings when in DigiVice of Force mode.
Kari Kamiya Gatomon Yes Light No.532

Tag of Feelings,

Angel's Horn,

Sphere of Light,

Sphere of Honesty,

DigiEgg of Light

She owns a pink NG-03 with white perimeter. When in DigiVice of Honest mode it's colours are reserved.
Takeru "T.K." Takaishi Patamon Yes Hope No.325

Tag of Feelings,

Albatros' Feather,

Sphere of Hope,

Sphere of Power

DigiEgg of Hope

He has a light green TS-09 with yellow endings. When in DigiVice of Strength mode it's colours darken and when in DigiVice of Force mode it's colours become lighter.
Sora Takenouchi Biyomon Yes Love No.487

Tag of Feelings,

Albatros' Feather,

Sphere of Love,

Sora has a TS-X500 the latest model of DigiVice. It is bright pink with light, fading orange ends. When in DigiVice of Power mode her DigiVice becomes bright red with fiery orange ends.
Akira "Kira" Makoto Liollmon No Potentional No.1

Tag of Feelings,

Sphere of Courage,

Sphere of Potentional,

Sword of Courage,

DigiEgg of Potentional,

Tag of Eternity

Just like Sora he also owns a TS-X500. Akira's DigiVice is orange with black endings and three pointy stripes near the screen. When in Strength mode his DigiVice turns dark green with metal coloured endings and grey stripes. In Force mode it is greyish-white with dark orange endings and stripes. While in DigiVice of Eternity mode it is pure white with blue stripes and silver endings.
Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi Tentomon Yes Knowledge No.219

Tag of Feelings,

Sphere of Knowledge,

Kuwagamon's Shell,



A purple TS-09 with white endings. When transforming to Absolute Level it's endings become black.
Mimi Tachikawa Palmon Yes Sincerity No.805

Tag of Feelings,

Sphere of Sinceriy,

White Lotus

Green and white TS-09. It turns gold with white when transforming to Absolute Level.
Joe Kido Gomamon Yes Reliabillity UnRanked

Tag of Feelings,

Sphere of Reliabillity,

Healing Staff

Dark blue NG-03 with grey perimeter. Joe's DigiVice is the only one that doesn't change colours when in different modes.

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