Digimon Advent (デジモンアドベント, Dejimon'adobento) is a fanon work by Shiratori Cullen and takes place in the year 2772. During this time every child in the world has a digimon partner with digital battle becoming a rising sport on the net. Here we meet Xavier leader of the Team the Code Breakers and creator of Digimon Interspace and his partner Staribimon. He and his team are currently ranked number one in interspace and is known as the best; but for this reason they have been targeted and kidnapped by an unknown viral force that has infected Interspace and locked all inside within its walls. This virus is infecting not only digimon but humans too as it hopes of escaping interspace to infect the real world by corrupting all of interspace.


Its been two weeks since the abduction of his friends the members of the "Code Breakers" and his isolation within Interspace. All the users who log on find that they are unable to log out as the virus spreads over the virtual world. Xavier must find a way to stop this and save his friends before the virus corrupts his world and gets to earth.



  • Xavier (Creator and Member of the Code Breakers)


  • This story is sorta based on Bakugan Season 3 but with a digimon twist as i hate bakugan but like the pretense of the season with interspace.
  • Digivolving will be done using the Digital Armor Trace System or DATS for short. Its similar ot Armor Digivolution from season 2 but is closer to spirit evolving in season 4. The basic principle is that a digimon is not limited to one set evolutionary line but to three based on which armor is used which is bonded to that digimons dna. If you want some may be able to normally digivolve (ie: Agumon to Greymon, etc) but i would like majority to use the Trace System.

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