Title-Card of the Series

Digimon: Green Flash is a fanfiction written by LizardMan77. It is set some time after Digimon Xros Wars, and follows the Adventure of Green Flash Army General Conner , and his Partner Keramon. The setting is were Generals are a common practice and is simply considered a Peacekeeping Corp, but Conner's adventures take him somewhat futher, forcing him to prove his abilities and worth as a General.


On his Fifteenth Birthday, Conner Tanner is assigned to be the General of the Green Flash Army by the Great Computer, and is given his Partner Keramon. He is at first no different than any ordinary General, but soon finds himself in the middle of a Gang War of Cosmic Proportions.

Along the way, Conner recruits more Digimon willing to fight for his cause, and risks his career as he fights the Cabals of Fractal and the Digital Sea. Keramon begins to fall prey to his corrupt programming, complicating Conner's mission. Humorusly, Conner is also stalked by Ranamon, who's only desire is to have Conner as her Boyfriend.


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