Digivolves From none
Digivolves To [[]]
Type Angel Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Attack One Dancing Sword
Attack Two La Pucelle
Attack Three (Mega only) Holy Burst
Level Champion
Family Wind Guardian
Digidestined Shinji Makura

Darcmon Is the partner Digimon to Shinji Makura, and works alongside him as his most trusted ally in his task force, appearing in Digimon: New Journey.


Darcmon is fiercely loyal Digimon, and has a strong sense of honor and justice. In battle, she prefers to be the front line, a stark contrast to her partner, who hates battle overall. She is shown to be afraid to be alone, which if nothing else is the reason that led to her joining Shinji in the Dark world.


Darcmon was once a member of the Holy Angel Army in the Digital World. During one battle, she had been attacked by an unknown Digimon, and was transported to an unknown world, the Dark Ocean. Here, she wandered around looking for a way out, and longed for company.

At some time in the past, Darcmon happened upon a younger Shinji, who carried with him a digivice he had recently found. He displayed kindness to her, and she decided to travel with him, eventually becoming his partner Digimon. The two eventually gained more comrades, some of them originated in the Dark world, others were like Darcmon, ending up trapped there after strange circumstances. This group, under Shinji's guidance, began making plans for a return to the Digital World that has spurned them so much.

Darcmon holds a special love for Shinji, and is absolutely loyal to him, as he was the first person to truly be kind to her. She is incredibly jealous of any females that get near him and often outright attacks anyone who insults him.


  • Dancing Sword (Baptême d'Amour, Fra: "Christening of Love"): A beautiful sword attack with using the "La Pucelle", creates beams of light that strike the enemy.
  • La Pucelle (Fra: "The Maiden"): Darcmon uses her swords with frightening skill.
  • Holy Burst: Darcmon raises her scepter above her head, creating an explosion of light that is especially painful to dark digimon.




Darcmon first gains this alternate form after Shinji uses Yggdrasil for the first time, modifying her data to give her more power. Now capable of traveling at the speed of light, and creating blades of light, Darcmon is more than a match for most Digimon out there, capable of defeating the Mega-Level QueenChessmon on her own. Though powerful, Darcmon needs Shinji to activate the Yggdrasil program before she can enter this stage.


  • Revolution Blades: Summons countless light blades that rain down on the opponent from the heavens.
  • Divine Swordsmanship: Creates two exceptionally powerful swords in PerfectDarcmon's hands, letting her use them with extreme skill and power.
  • Holy Love: PerfectDarcmon can use the power that the Yggdrasil program gave her to heal the injuries of others.