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Daidramon is a black dragon ultimate digimon.

Sui Daidramon embodies the Element of Water.

Ka Daidramon embodies the Element of Fire.

Fuu Daidramon embodies the Element of Wind.


Dairdamon is a jogress digimon of Water V-dramon, Fire Growmon, and Wind Greymon. It is a holy dragon that fights evil.


Shiro - He is a young mischievous boy.
Takeshi - He is smart and also very brave.
Maiko - She is a very tomboyish and energetic girl.


  • Evolution Stage: Ultimate
  • Attribute: Virus
  • Type: Dragon God
  • Elements: Water, Fire, Wind


  • Elemental Cyclone
  • Boiling Waves


Name Origin

Japanese: 大 (Dai) means great.

English: Dra is short for dragon.


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