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A Crest is the physical manifestation of certain traits or energies present within the Digital world. Often in times of great crisis the Digimon Sovereigns will see fit to create a set of crests and send them to select individuals, often the Digidestined, to aid them in their journeys.

Crests are inserted into Tags worn around their owner's neck for easy transportation and keeping. When the owner exhibits the trait of the crest, the crest in question will glow brightly, allowing the owner's partner Digimon to Digivolve from Champion stage to Ultimate, and from Ultimate to Mega. In addition, Crests also have unique powers aside from aiding in Digivolution. They can protect their wearer from ailments and can cause other special events to happen.

Digimon Reborn AdventureEdit

Digimon Reborn Adventure features a set of crests. The ones seen in the series are below:

  • Courage Reborn
  • Friendship Cycle
  • Loving Hearts
  • Knowledge Reborn
  • Sincerity Soul
  • Reliability Unlocked
  • Hope
  • Light

Crest of DarknessEdit


A special crest forged by the powers of Darkness. It's respective DigiDestined owner and Digimon in Digimon Reborn Adventure are currently unknown, be it one of the known characters or another character. The Crest of Darkness is unique in that it was created as a direct opposite of the other crests, having power to oppose them. It appears to be a sentient crest as well, and can speak to, and aid, its owner.

In Digimon: New Journey, the Crest of Darkness is possessed by Shinji Makura, and is used as a key to kick-start the Yggdrasil program.

Digimon: New JourneyEdit

Digimon: New Journey features the following Crests.


Owned by Steven Blake


Owned by Jared Bennings


Owned by Amy Jones


Owned by Errol King


Owned by Jenny Marsh


Owned by James Blake


Owned by Thurston Jennings



Owned by Grey Benson


Owned by Jessica Black

Crest of Mercy


Owned by Gary Robinson

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