Full Name: Cole Maeda {{{Image}}}
Nickname(s): {{{Nickname}}}
Partner: [[Commandramon]]
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Family: Unknown
Interests: Violence, quarreling, taunting
Dislikes: Yuuki Rukimoto, being ignored by his teammates.
Crest: Cowardness
Group: DigiDestroyers
Personality: (before going to the Digital World) Kind, caring, and sweet.

Bossy, mean, cruel and loves to taunt others

Personal History: Cole's past was unknown, but Zhuqiaomon abducts him to the Digital World, DemiDevimon corrupts him and erases his memories.

Cole Maeda is the self-proclaimed leader of the DigiDestroyers. Nothing about his family was known, but he was abducted to the Digital World by a corrupted Zhuqiaomon, allowing DemiDevimon to corrupt him, therefore erasing his memories. And then, he met his partner, Commandramon In the past, it is revealed that he was a kind and caring boy before entering to the Digital World, and now becomes a bully. He's the main rival to Yuuki Rukimoto, who has the Crest of Courage, he has the Crest of Cowardness. He is best friends with Vanessa Taylor and Dean Ishige, and has a crush on Tiffany Sakahashi.

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