This is the story of when the powers of The Emotional Spectrum enters the lives of the Digi Destin.

The Emotional Spectrum

The Story Edit

The Emotional Spectrum

One night, Kari had a dream of The Green Lantern coming to her rescue, but before defeating Atrociodus, she saw five definitely colored rings; after that, she woke up. As she was explaining her dream to her friends TK, Sora, Mimi, Davis and their Digimon partners Patamon, Biomon, Palmon, Veemon and her Gatomon while in Mimi's new apartment complex while the other Digi Destins are all watching the big soccer game at Izzie's apartment, the news enterupted every single channel to show that not only has The Green Lantern arrived in Odaiba Japan, but he is also fighting a Red Lantern. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) crashed landed right outside of Mimi's after one big punch in the face by Atricidus, and after the Digi Destin helped him up, Red Lantern Atrocidus showed up. Hal told everyone to get behind him so that he can shield them from his attack, but all he could do is create a forcefield while the evil Red Lantern shot at them with his energy blood fire breath. Sinceing their connection to The Emotional Spectrum, Hal's ring reacted to them, drawing attention the spectrum itself before sending each of those five Digi Destin a Power Ring and Lantern Battery of their very own. Along with their Digimon partners, The Digi Destin Lantern Corp helped Hal Jordan defeat Atrocidus and bring him into the custody of the Guardians of planet Oa. As The Digi Destin Lantern Corps., these teenagers and their partner Digimon will not only protect Earth and the Digital World, but the entire universe from all evil.

Digi Destin Lantern Corps.! Edit

Green Lantern Davis and Veemon
White Lantern Kari and White Lantern Gatomon
Indigo Lantern Mimi and Palmon
Star Sapphire Sora and Biomon
Blue Lantern TK and Blue Lantern Patamon

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • This comic book crossover is on going.
  • The previous crossover for both properties was with The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • Though White is one of the two Lantern colors not apart of The Emotional Spectrum, Kari and Gatomon both still become White Lanterns.

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