The Paradox Digi Destin

Digimon Paradox is a five part miniseries where a team of Digi Destin from 20 years into the future now live in the past after the teenage versions of their parents were all killed by Alphamon two years earlier.

Digi Destin & partner Digimon Edit

  1. David and Demiveemon: David's father was the Digi Destin Davis
  2. Samantha and Poromon: Samantha's parents were Digi Destin Ken & Yolie
  3. Courtney and Umpamon: Courtney's father was the Digi Destin Cody
  4. Kenneth and Minomon: Samantha's little brother and Ken & Yolie's son & 2nd born child
  5. Sam and Leafmon: A 6 month old baby, Samantha and Kenneth's baby brother and Ken and Yolie's 3rd and final child
  • David, Samantha and Country are all twelve to thirteen years old, Kenneth is ten & Sam is six months old.

The Story Edit

Due to what transpired in the 3rd season finale of Digimon FUSION, an event that effected the Multiverse and the entire space time coninuem, the future of the Digimon Adventure Universe was altered. In this new time-line, Davis and Veemon, Ken and Wormmon, Yolie and Hawkmon & Cody and Armadillomon were all killed by an infected Alphamon during the opening of Digimon Adventure Tri Part One, a virus mutating Digimon into infected Digital Monsters and an evil copy of Geni. Ryo, a Digimon Tamer along with his partner Monodramon with the ability to travel through time and the Multiverse, rescued these five kids and their own Digimon partners by transporting them from the year 2027 to the year 2007. Now, not only due these time displacement children have to get used to living with the younger versions of their grandparents, Aunts and Uncles (for those who have Aunts and Uncles) but returning to the future they will all fade out of existence because they no longer exist in the new past, present and future time lines. However, baby Sam is still too young to go on any adventure in the Digital World, so the Paradox Digi Destin must remain as a team of four for the ......ehum...for the time being.

Episode List Edit

  1. The Paradox Effect:
  2. A Future In The Past:
  3. DNA Digivolution Returns:
  4. Emperormon:
  5. The New Old School:

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The Paradox Digi Destin team are the only children of the heroes from Digimon Adventure 1,2 & 3 (Tri) to be named.
  • Their continuous existence is similar to that of the Reverse Flash in the Injustice 2 video game.
  • Samantha and baby Sam were both named after their late Uncle, Ken's older brother, their brother Kenneth named after their father (Ken), David after his father but nicknamed David and Country named after her great grandmother (Cody's grandmother).

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