Blue Rosemon

Blue Rosemon is a Mega Level Digimon who looks like Rosemon but is the DNA Digivolved form of Zudamon and Lillymon and is known as the queen of aquatic plant life, she first debuted about a much after Red Omnimon.

Her Story Edit

Blue Rosemon was created from the DNA Digivolution of Mimi's Palmon as Lillymon and Joe's Gommamon as Zudamon, one month after Tintomon, Beomon, Palmon, Gommamon, Patamon, Gatomon and Wormmon were infected by Emperormon's Digivolution Virus, which eradicated their individual Mega forms. When Emperormon sent a Mega Digimon named Zombamon to take them out before Joe could finish a vaccine program which would make non infected Digimon emuned to the Digivolution Virus before they could be infected by it. Luckily, Joe and Mimi were finally able to DNA Digivolve their Digimon from two Ultimates to one whole Mega, destroying Zombamon and forcing Emperormon to retreat yet again.

Attacks Edit

  • Seaweed Sword
  • Seaweed Thorn Whip
  • Water Lilly Storm: Fires a borage of sharp water lilies.
  • Seafoam Blast: Fires a blast of dangerous Seafoam at the enemy.
  • Aqua Punch
  • Aqua Kick
  • Mist Pollen: Unlishes a spray of paralyzing liquid pollin.

Looks Familiar Edit

The reason, as explained by Izzie, why Joe and Mimi's Digimon partners lookslike the original Rosemon is because the plant species of Palmon and her gender are more dominant than the marine animal species and gender of Gommamon, but also because they were not really ment to DNA Digivolve in the first place; so; when they did, their data got confused and had no choice but to create a mutant hybrid of the true Rosemon.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Blue Rosemon is the first DNA Digivolved Digital Monster to be a hybrid copy of one of her halfs Mega Forms.
  • Blue Rosemon is the first female gendered DNA Digivolved Digimon, ever.
  • Originally, she was going to be named Lake Rosemon, but that was changed because the old one sounded too much like a campsite/resort.

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