Carcharomon is an Aquatic species, Free-Attribute, Champion-level Sea Animal Digimon. He is very shark-like. Template:Digimon Infobox


His two main attacks are Jet Stream and Frozen Frenzy. Jet Stream is when he shoots a quick blast of water from his mouth. Frozen Frenzy is when he thrashes and bites the opponent, breathing on them with a frigid air.


He usually Digivolves from Sharkmon (his natural Rookie), but he also can Digivolve from Kamemon, Crabmon, or Gomamon. Betamon. His Natural Ultimate form is BrutalSharkmon. He also can Digivolve to MarineDevimon, Whamon, Shawjamon, Zudomon, Brachiomon, ShogunGekomon, or MegaSeadramon.

Name OriginEdit

His name origin comes from the scientific name for the Great White Shark.

Jap.: Hohojirozame is the Japanese name for the Great White.

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