Bureizu is a Coronamon who is the co-leader of The Junkyard Digimon and only has one bracelet on his wrist instead of two. He's the close friend of Lumina .

Bureizu's info

[[Image:Bureizu|{{{Image size}}}px]]

Coro-Knuckle, Corona Flame, Petit Prominence
English VA
Catherine "Cathy" Weseluck
Japanese VA
Hoko Kuwashima


Bureizu was a quiet, shaky and quite nervous Sunmon. He was a bit of a pushover, until Lumina came to tough him up a bit, which is still in progress due to his gentle personality. Lumina then made him co-leader of the group in case when she needed to leave for a while. If both are needed to leave, a Kiwimon named Waizu to take charge.


Bureizu is more of an alternate colored Coronamon, having yellow-tipped feet and hands. Bureizu also has only one

(Yeah, it has the tail added since it looked a bit awkward without it)

bracelet on his right wrist. The fur on the chest is more of a red-orange with the rest of it being a sorta yellow/orange. He also has three tuffs of hair on his head.


Bureizu isn't much of a warrior, he's timid a quiet and not that much brave. Like any other Coronamon, he's quite curious of things. He knows his rights and wrongs. Unlike Lumina, he cares for others. Bureizu has a strong will at heart.


  • Buriezu has some affection towards Lumina, though he's too shy to admit it.
  • He isn't bothered by Blocky at all. In fact, he looks at him as if he's his younger brother.
  • Bureizu originally had both bracelets on his wrists, that until Lumina told him to get rid of one because she thought they're useless. Because of this his punches are weaker on his left than his right.


(again, thw Wiki was being picky about the other pictures)

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