Battle Armor is a suit of armor your Digimon can D-Load using Data Scan.It is introduced in Digital Monsters:Guardian Tamers.It is one of the focuses of Digimon Protectors.It is data that protects a Digimon from the Black Hack.It morphs a Digimon's appearance.All Digimon that use it have the prefix "Armor-" in there names.Example:ArmorCelestiamon,ArmorTropicanamon,etc.

Effects Edit

  • The Black hack will be repeled from your Digimon.
  • The level of your Digimon would be Protector.
  • Will remove the Black Hack from the Digimon.
  • Your Digimon will have the ability to remove the Black Hack from other Digimon even after the armor is removed.
  • The appearance of the Digimon will change when the armor is being used by the Digimon.
  • Sometimes,your Digimon will ask,"I am a Protector,aren't I?".

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