Digivolves From Warlockmon
Digivolves To Raphaemon
Type Archangel Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Attack One Purgatory
Attack Two Durendal
Attack Three (Mega only) N/A
Level Ultimate
Family *Wing Guardians
  • Virus Busters
Digidestined Jenny Marsh

ArchAngemon is a powerful Archangel Digimon and the Digidestined Partner of Jenny Marsh.


ArchAngemon is an angelic Digimon who is clad from head to toe in armour. He wields the mighty sword Durendal in his right hand and a golden, bejewelled staff in the other. Growing oput of his back are eight long and powerful silver wings which can propel him at great heights at incredible speeds. He acts as the disciple of Seraphimon, and despite being signifigantly less powerful than him, or even MagaAngemon, is still very powerful. ArchAngemon protect the four corners of the Digital World from evil Digimon, attacking them with a passion that borders on obsession. They faithfully serve their masters and obey their orders without question. They can hold their own against lesser Mega level Digimon.

Digidestined PartnerEdit

Jenny Marsh:A fourteen year old Australian girl.

Digivolves fromEdit

  • Angemon
  • Piddomon
  • Wizardmon
  • Ankylomon

DIgivolves toEdit

  • Seraphimon
  • Dominimon
  • Murmuksumon
  • Gryphonmon
  • GuardiAngemon


  • Durendal: Attacks with the mighty sword Durendal
  • Purgatory: Creates a magical portal using his sceptre which sucks in all evil Digimon


In his right hand, ArchAngemon wields the heavenly sword Durndal, a blade powerful enough to even destroy lower level Mega Digimon while leaving Vaccine Digimon completely unharmed. In his left hand he wields a golden sceptre adorned with jewels. With it, ArchAngemon can create rifts in the Digital World which can be used to suck in evil Digimon.

Name originEdit

Named after Archangels, powerful and high ranking angels.

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