The Alternate Organization (代替組織 Daitai Soshiki) is a group of Ultimate and Mega-leveled Digimon united to serve as the Cosmic Domain's elite line of defense; their noble vanguard against the forces who conspire against the prosperity of their native land, mainly the Eldritch Eleven. Their services aren't limited in safeguarding the Domain, they also personally give aid towards their fellow kind whenever danger or disaster happened and each of them have been personally assigned in certain tasks they partake, including being partnered up with a human Tamer if circumstances deem so.

During the initial formation of the alliance, it was founded by its three major founders: Melodiamon, Janusmon, and Warudomon. The original 13 all wore jet-black coats with inscribed runes of their respective element, however Digimon aligned with the organization didn't really need to don the cloak, evident by Mastemon, who allied after the 13 members were assembled, and didn't see the need to wear such clothing.

Members Edit

The Legend Tier:

  • Rank I: Uraniamon | The Cosmic Angel | Cosmic Element | Starblade
  • Rank II: Janusmon | The Lord of the Dimensions | Dimension Element | Zippers
  • Rank III: Warudomon | The Temporal Lunatic | Time Element | Chains

The Advanced Tier

  • Rank IV: Metatromon | The Radiant Scribe | Light Element | Revolver
  • Rank V: Pazuzumon | The Enigma Sage | Darkness Element | Naginata
  • Rank VI: Skadimon | The Lone Maiden | Ice Element | Katana

The Intermediate Tier

  • Rank VII: Taurumon | The Scorching Wrangler | Fire Element | Pyrotechnic Blaster
  • Rank VIII: Delphinumon | The Oceanic Saboteur | Water Element | Pressure Blades
  • Rank IX: Odinmon | The Wise General | Lightning Element | Spear

The Neophyte Tier

  • Rank X: Czernomon | The Venomous Warlock | Poison Element | Envenomed Gauntlets
  • Rank XI: Krystamon | The Crystal Shinobi of the North | Crystal Element | Diamond Armaments
  • Rank XII: TechGaomon | The Cyber Executioner | Technology Element | Pulse Wrench
  • Rank XIII: Huskmon | The Psychic Puppy | Psychic Element | Wave Amplifier

Auxiliary Members

Infantry Division

Trivia Edit

  • The concept of the alliance is heavily inspired by Kingdom Heart's Organization XIII.

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