Full Name: Addeline "Addy" Ryo

(JA:Setsuko Yuzuki Fujihara)

Addy Ryo
Nickname(s): Violet
Partner: Tentomon
Gender: Female
Age: 12,14(02)
Family: Hana Sato(Step-mother)Chinatsu Ryo(Deceased mother)Jiro Ryo(Father)Lita Ryo(Little sister)
Interests: Nighttime,MP3,Brownies,Music etc.
Dislikes: Rainbows,Unicorns,Serena(formely)etc.
Crest: Loyalty
Group: DigiDestined
Personality: Rebelious,Friendly(sometimes),Mean(sometimes)
Personal History: Witnessed the battle with Kazukoorimon and Tyrannamon.

Addeline "Addy" Ryo or Setsuko Yuzuki Fujihara is one of the main protagonist of Digimon Digital Adventures and the bearer of the crest of loyalty.


In the beginning of the series,she has short blue hair and dark blue eyes.Her skin-tone is light tan.Her outfit insist of a black t-shirt,short grey jeans and blue sneakers that go up to her knee.

In the 02 series,she has gone through "what teenagers go through" and her hair is up in a pony-tail and she has bangs pinned with two white hair-clips.Her outfit is just like Serena's.She wears the Toyohashi High School Uniform.

In the middle of the 02 series,she wears a black shirt with long sleaves and short grey jeans with black tights and brown wedged boots.

Her winter outfit consist of a blue fur coat,a black hoodie,long jeans,black fur boot and red gloves.

In her summer wear,she wears a black t-shirt similar to the shirt she wore when she was a kid,short grey jeans and brown sandals.Her hair is high-lighted with black and is up to her shoulders.